ACORNCAMPS is all about running camps, training youth leaders and resourcing Bible-centred youth work. All our work is in partnership with Hungarian churches. We strongly believe that helping people better understand, read and apply the Bible to their lives is the key way in which God will grow his church and bring many young people to bow the knee and serve the living Lord Jesus Christ.

Running Camps

ACORNCAMPS has partnered with over 20 Hungarian Baptist, Lutheran and Reformed Churches to run English-language Christian youth camps since 2001.

Each camp provides:
  • an incredible evangelistic opportunity through the ‘english’ for the church to reach teenagers who don't normally attend church
  • an opportunity to model faithful, relevant and clear expository teaching especially applied for teenagers
  • a useful training opportunity to learn from each other and develop our youth work
  • an exciting mission opportunity for Christians from the UK to partner with Hungarian brothers and sisters

Training youth leaders

ACORNCAMPS is passionate about training and equipping youth leaders to faithfully, relevantly and clearly teach the Bible. We run weekly workshops, organise conferences and training for youth leaders and advise individual youth groups through our consultancy programme.

Resourcing biblical-centred youth work

ACORNCAMPS wants to provide high quality biblically rich resources that are readily usable for Christian Hungarian youth workers. Our primary aim is to produce booklets, videos and ppt outlines with which youth leaders can teach through books of the Bible and topics. We have also produced a set of online videos which helps teenagers read through the New Testament in One Year.

Christian Charitable Company

ACORNCAMPS is a Christian charitable company whose sole purpose is to help the Hungarian Church reach teenagers for Christ through camps, training and resourcing. All our work is non-profit, and made possible through the generous donations of Christians and churches in Hungary and the UK.

ACORNCAMPS is the operating name for Acorn Hungary Trust, a registered UK charity (no. 1127958), and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England (no. 6166793).
Company address: 77 Camrose Way, Basingstoke, RG21 3AW, UK