About our camps

ACORNCAMPS partners with Hungarian Baptist, Lutheran and Reformed churches to run camps during the summer and also winter months. We have run over 100 youth camps across Hungary and Slovakia. Whilst each camp is unique, the following four areas underlie each camp:


ACORNCAMPS does not run its own camps. Each camp is run in partnership with a Hungarian church, with whom we partner. We support their ongoing youth work by bringing a team of experienced youth workers from the UK who help both run the youth camp and help train up leaders.


The English element provides an incredible opportunity for the Hungarian Church to reach teenagers who don’t attend church. We bring a team of energetic, experienced youth leaders from churches in the UK who enjoy relating to teenagers and sharing the gospel.

Cross-cultural mission

Each camp provides an exciting opportunity for cross-cultural mission for both Christians from Hungary and the UK. Leaders from both Hungary and the UK often comment that whilst principly coming to serve, they also learn so much from the whole experience.


ACORNCAMPS allocates time in each camp to train up youth leaders primarily in how to teach the Bible effectively, relevantly, clearly and secondly how to make disciples of Christ. The on-the-job training during the camps supplements our training throughout the year.

What are the camps actually like?

Camps provide an incredible opportunity for countless numbers of young people to hear and respond to the message of Jesus Christ. For some the camp is the first time they have heard about Jesus, for others it’s an encouraging week to deepen and strengthen their faith.

The camps are focused on teaching the young people about God, helping them with their English and having as much fun as possible completing the first two aims. The programme is packed from start to finish with Bible teaching, english ‘hours’, activities, games, sports, craft, singing, trips out, seminar topics and small discussion groups. There’s always far too much food, no time to be bored, and plenty of new people to meet.

The camps are similar, yet different. Different in size: a camp could have anything from 20-75 teenagers. Some camps are residential, whilst others are day camps. Certain camps have a distinctive evangelistic feel with a majority of non-Christians, whilst others are made up of a majority of Christians who regularly attend a youth group.

Following each camp the churches follow up the work through their regular youth work and here as appropriate ACORNCAMPS aims to support this.

Safeguarding Policy

ACORNCAMPS takes safeguarding seriously. All our staff and volunteers are required to obtain an enhanced DBS certificate, complete references, attend training and comply with our safeguarding policy. Please click for details.