CORE Training

We are delighted to introduce to you our 1 year training course for Hungarian youth leaders in Bible-centred youth work

Magyar érdeklődők részére: bővebb infó és jelentkezés itt (details and application for Hungarian people)

Over the course of 12 months we want to give 12 Hungarian youth leaders the tools they need to faithfully, relevantly and clearly teach the Bible to young people. This will be accomplished through lectures, assignments, giving talks and receiving feedback, having 1-1 mentoring over a residential weekend, and a summer camp.

The course will suit any Hungarian pastor or youth leader who already has some experience in giving Bible talks. We are looking for leaders who love God, love youth and love the Bible and have a desire to be trained, and also train others. The course is wholistic and aims to become more Christ-like in character, deepen Biblical convictions and become competent in handing the Bible.

Training means #Teaching #Modelling #Mentoring

The course will train up bible-teachers to be better equipped to handle the text, communicate the text, and see lives changed.

Understanding the text

How do we begin to think about teaching a passage? Should it be based on a single verse, a whole chapter or something in between? What are the steps to take in preparing a talk? How do we cope with difficult bits of the bible? These modules will help us get to the heart of the text, understand and see the importance of the original authors intention and audience and see the providential hand of God above all the Bible.

Teaching different parts of the Bible

Should our teaching be different if we are teaching Paul’s letters or the Psalms? If so how does that work? These modules will look in more detail at how to teach the New Testament Letters, Gospels, Old Testament Narrative and the Psalms.

Communicating effectively

When we have understood the text, how do we then turn that into a sermon that sticks. How do we get the heart of the passage into the heart of our learners. These modules will teach people how to bring the Bible alive, make it memorable, relevant and see it change people’s lives.


  • Experienced in giving talks to youth
  • Committed to the attending the whole program
  • Agreed with the youth leader to give 6 talks
  • Willing to receive constructive feedback on your own talks, and also help give feedback to others