Youth group visit and advice

ACORNCAMPS has supported a number of Hungarian youth groups through one-off or regular training events. It also worked closely with two youth groups last year. The main aim was to set a teaching plan for the year, to model faithful, clear, relevant teaching and to train up youth leaders.

We hope to devote more time thinking about how best to support youth groups in their week-to-week work. It’s clear that good training and resources in how to teach the Bible faithfully, relevantly and clearly is key.

Two comments from youth leaders involved:

“Working with a youth group and figuring out what’s best for them is so difficult. Many times I’ve had questions and dilemmas about our group, and it was so great that I didn't have to face these alone. Andy’s input this year was so encouraging. He was a great example, of how to relate to teenagers and help them be interested in the Bible. Our teenagers easily connected with Him, and were open to him, particularly the boys who really need Christian men they can look up to and turn to. I am really thankful for Andy's help last year."   Gyöngyi Szakács (youth group leader, Tahi Baptist Church)

“I found it so helpful to see an example of how to teach the Bible clearly. The training helped me learn how to study a text, find the structure, tackle long passages, and focus on the main point. Having someone involved in the preparation, helped shape and improve my sessions. Andy’s feedback both before and after the talks was extremely helpful to realise the things I was doing well, and see which areas I could improve. Thanks!”   Bence Kerekes (youth group leader, Külső-Kelenföld Reformed Church)