The Big Meet 2019!

Summer 2019 is time for a change! For the first time, we are running the ACORNCAMPS Big Meet - one camp, all together! All the churches ACORNCAMPS partners with will enjoy the same week of camp in a beautiful and amazingly resourced secondary school in Bonyhád, south Hungary.

The 2019 ACORNCAMPS Big Meet is for all those who have volunteered on team in Hungary in the past. The UK and Hungarian teams will meet the weekends before and after the camp to bond, prepare and debrief, with the teenagers there Monday-Friday. This year leaders will be asked to take on just one main responsibility to free them up to spend quality time with teenagers and Hungarian youth leaders, and it promises to be a rich week for both punters and leaders alike!

This summer there will be streams of seminars, talks and training for the different people attending: teenagers - believers and enquirers, young youth leaders and overall leaders. As always, we will systematically work through a part of the Bible, this year focusing on John’s Gospel.

In many ways the camp will be similar to some Christian camps run in the UK. The timetable is a full one, with options and a combination of: talks, seminars, discussion groups, games and activities including sport, craft, competitions, days out, and great evening entertainment.

The obvious difference is the language. It is a mission opportunity for many churches that teenagers can come and speak with native English-speakers. At the same time it can present a challenge! Many of the teenagers have studied English for at least a year and we work with Hungarian translators so that everything is translated both ways. There is also a pre-organised English-language programme. You are not expected to be able to speak Hungarian! (although obviously all efforts are very welcome!)

We’re looking forward to a week full of inspirational, deep, applicable Bible teaching from John’s Gospel; seminars, hot topics, training for youth leaders, sports, crafts and one great God to worship together.