What you should take

Please do read carefully the following advice on what to bring.

Bear in mind: you need to carry your own luggage wherever required, so don’t pack more than you need. Your team leader will be able to inform you if there will be any time to shop for items during the week.


  • Passport
  • EHIC Card
  • Proof of Travel and health Insurance*
  • Musical instruments
  • Paper Bible (please do not rely solely on electronic versions), notebook and pen
  • Mobile + charger + European adaptor
  • Any talks / seminar / English lessons / activities resources
  • Hungarian phrasebook
  • Sunglasses
  • Toiletries
  • Insect repellent, Antihistamine cream
  • Sun cream & Aftersun
  • Clothes – including Hat! (see below)
  • Sense of humour
  • Towel

*PLEASE NOTE: you are responsible for arranging your own travel and medical insurance. You will be asked to bring the details of this to the Camp Planning Day. Suggestions for travel insurance providers can be found here. Your insurance must cover you for the whole duration of your time with ACORNCAMPS.

Worth thinking about

  • Small games you enjoy playing and don’t involve complicated language, eg. uno, cards
  • Music – Favourite songs / Spotify playlists
  • Books to read
  • Food supplies: Dried fruit / snack bars / chocolate
  • (High fibre content foods can be useful for people who are prone to blocked systems! Often the diet can be high in white bread and low in fruit & veg)
  • Torch
  • Photos of family, home etc. Hungarians love to see where you’re from, and get to know your family, background etc.
  • Silly wigs and other fancy dress items / props
  • Typically British things


The weather in Hungary during the summer is usually around 25-35 °C. Therefore light, casual appropriate summer wear is recommended including:

  • Sleepwear – appropriate for being around teenagers if residential.
  • Swimwear – we often visit baths, or a lake if possible. We think modesty is important, but bikinis are permitted, and worn by most young people in Hungary.
  • Sports/camp activity wear – think carefully about having clothing that is appropriate for running activities and cool enough to bear the heat.
  • Footwear – flip-flops are a must, but it’s often useful to have a pair of shoes for sports activities / walking.
  • Churchwear – All teams attend church at least once. We recommend light trousers and short-sleeve shirt for boys and skirts and blouses for girls. Wearing an ACORNCAMPS t-shirt is also acceptable. Smart(ish) flipflops are usually fine.
  • Preacher-wear – We recommend short-sleeved white shirt and tie plus summer smart trousers and shoes for anyone preaching in church.
  • Wet / cold weather – It is worth bringing in a light raincoat, umbrella, a jumper and long pair of warm trousers. It can be cool in the evenings, and often rains.

Spending money

It is recommended that you should bring personal spending money for sight-seeing and purchasing gifts souvenirs, ice-creams and snacks. Usually £50 is more than enough.

Hungarian Forints or Euros for Slovakia trips can be ordered in advance from the Post Office or other Currency suppliers. Currency can be obtained from cash machines in Budapest, but be aware that some camps are not near towns.

The current rate of exchange can be found by clicking here:  (1) Hungarian Forint (2) Euro (Slovakia)

Bring a hobby

One of the best things you can do on camp is be yourself.  God has made us all wonderfully unique, and therefore we all have different hobbies and interests.  So if you like origami bring that … if you like craft then bring that … playing cards – bring a set … breakdancing – bring the music …  juggling – bring balls … magic – bring tricks … nail art … favourite board games … hair braiding … whatever

There will always be time around lunch and dinner just to ‘hang out’ with the teenagers.

Not required 

  • Bedding