Finance & flights


This year the cost of sending a team member to serve on mission in Hungary is £350 for a week.

This price covers the following costs:

  • training day in the UK
  • DBS checks
  • flights (which are usually booked centrally)
  • administration-related costs

It does not cover the following:

  • travel to and from the UK airport

ACORNCAMPS as charity is completely dependent on donations made by team members to cover these costs. We request that donations are made in full (either one-off payment, or by monthly standing order) by 31st May 2020. Please let us know if this is a problem.


ACORNCAMPS will book flights for anyone whose application is received before 10th January 2020. If volunteers apply after this, they are required to book their own flights (see information below). 

In relation to flights booked by ACORNCAMPS please be aware of the following:

  1. Timings – You may need to travel early on the first day, or late on the last day of your mission trip. This is for practical reasons, aiming to serve both the Hungarian church whilst taking UK-based contexts into account. (Some people choose to arrive earlier/stay on longer, and enjoy staying an extra night in Hungary before or after camp.)
  2. Prices – Flight costs vary based on time of travel and airport, and considerable savings can be made by booking certain flights. At application we will ask your preferences which we do our best to accommodate together with all other aspects.
  3. Seats Seats are not reserved in advance to keep costs to a minimum. You may choose to select your own preferred seat at check-in, however this will be your own expense.

How to pay

  1. Method - Please complete the Donation and Gift Aid Declaration Form online. The easiest way to pay is by internet transfer (details are on the form).  If payment is made by this method, please contact our Finance Administrator our Payment Coordinator to advise when you have made the transfer. If you are unable to pay by internet transfer, you can post a cheque to ACORNCAMPS, 77 Camrose Way, Basingstoke RG21 3AW or bring it to the Camp Planning Day.
  2. Gift Aid ACORNCAMPS can claim back 25p for every £1 you give, so please make sure you have completed the Gift Aid declaration box on the Donation and Gift Aid Declaration Form (see link above) if you are a UK tax payer. Please note, for example if your parent is paying on your behalf and they are a tax payer, they will need to complete the Gift Aid declaration. If you have previously signed one and your tax status is the same, and none of your details have changed there is no need to do this again.
  3. Raising Support – It may be that you need to consider other ways of raising the necessary financial support to come on mission in Hungary. Ideas may include holding an event at your church (e.g. Pot Luck supper / Car-washing / Auction of Promise…), a sponsored sporting event, or applying to Christian or local funds who may be able to assist. 
  4. Hardship fund – Please complete this Hardship Fund Application and return as stated if for whatever reason you are unable to pay the full donation.

Comments: if you have any questions please do contact our Finance Administrator.

Booking your own flight 

Most volunteers on short-term mission pay the full amount and ACORNCAMPS books the required flights. If applying after 10th January 2020, please note this with the application form. You should take note of the following details:

  1. Suggested donation – Not including flights, the cost to bring volunteers out to Hungary is £150. 
  2. Luggage allowance – Please book at least 15kg of hold luggage, as well as your hand-luggage and any other items (e.g. musical instruments) you wish to take.
  3. Arrival / Departure – You need to be available to meet with your team in Budapest from the time stated by your team leader (usually lunchtime on the first Saturday of camp). Similarly, you should discuss with your team leader after which time you should book your return flight.
  4. All flight details must be sent to the UK Camps Coordinator by Monday 27th January 2020.
  5. If you book your own flights, you are expected to make your own travel arrangements to meet with your team / return to the airport, and must advise your team leader of the relevant information.
  6. There is one international airport in Budapest – flights from the UK will land at Budapest International Airport Terminal 2.
Useful sites:

Travel Insurance

All volunteers are required to purchase their own travel insurance at the time of purchasing the flight. Volunteers are requested to read the Travel Insurance Policy guidance notice and will be asked to agree to this during application.